Shipping Information

At Neon Vibes, we strive to provide a seamless and convenient shipping experience for our customers. Here’s what you need to know about our shipping process:

Shipping Options: We provide a range of shipping choices, including normal shipping and expedited delivery, to meet diverse demands. During the checkout process, the various options and related charges will be shown.

Order Processing Time: Once your order is placed and payment is confirmed, our team will begin processing your order. The processing time may vary depending on the complexity of your customization and the current order volume. We will strive to complete the processing quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Shipping Time: The duration for delivery will be determined by the preferred shipping option and the recipient's position. We collaborate with secure shipping companies to guarantee prompt and secure delivery of your neon lights. During checkout, you'll receive information about the anticipated delivery time that considers variables similar to your geographic position and preferred shipping system.

Tracking and Updates: Upon dispatch, a tracking number will be provided to enable the recipient to monitor the location and status of the package. The customer has been notified about the delivery progress so they can be aware of any updates and prepare for its soon-to-be arrival. Packaging and Protection: We ensure your neon lights are shielded during delivery by taking meticulous measures in their packaging and protection. To minimize the threat of harm and ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition, we use sturdy materials and reliable packaging.

Please be aware that delivery timeframes might change based on outside variables beyond our control, such as unanticipated delays or customs clearance processes. Feel free to contact our customer care staff for help if you have any particular inquiries or worries about delivery.